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Thursday, April 8, 2010


My favourite sport is Rugby. I like this game because the only toughest persons or players are able to play it. This sport need very high commitment and self-motivated if somebody want to be successful in this sport. When i was in high school i always play this sport with my colleague if we have a time. Weather is not a matter for us because we all like this game so much. Sometime people called us 'hantu bola lonjong' -this is because of the pattern of the rugby ball but we don't care much about that.

Another thing that make rugby is my favourite sport is when we play this sport we can show the team cooperation especially during the game. We cannot stop playing as long the ball is in play unless we involve in injury. Wherever position that you stand for, if the other players are still in play, we have to continue running to support them. Without one player the team will feel the lost especially when our team was  under attack. Not like others game like football you can take a moment break when the ball is not control by us. For example the football defender can take some rest when their striker and midfielder was doing the attacking.

During playing rugby you can feel the cooperation and teamwork especially during the team doing scrum. The players from both side are always ready during the game. So because of that rugby is my favourite sport.

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