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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dont drink and drive... ANDA MESTI BACA CERITA INI....

Sebenarnya kisah yang saya coretkan ini ialah e-mail dari seorang rakan yang mahu saya sebarkan kandungannya dengan meletakkan signature di atasnya dan e-mailkan kepada orang lain atau kawan2 lain tapi saya rasa dengan menulisnya di blog ini pun saya telah berikan sesuatu ke atas e-mail ini.. Ini saja yang aku mampu lakukan....

I went to a party, 

And remembered what you said. 
You told me not to drink, Mum 
So I had a Sprite instead. 

I felt proud of myself, 

The way you said I would, 
That I didn't drink and drive, 
Though some friends said I should. 

I made a healthy choice, 

And your advice to me was right, 

The party finally ended, 

And the kids drove out of sight. 

I got into my car, 

Sure to get home in one piece, 
I never knew what was coming, Mum 
Something I expected least. 

Now I'm lying on the pavement, 

And I hear the policeman say, 
The kid that caused this wreck was drunk, 
Mum, his voice seems far away. 

My own blood's all around me, 

As I try hard not to cry. 
I can hear the paramedic say, 
This girl is going to die. 

I'm sure the guy had no idea, 

While he was flying high, 
Because he chose to drink and drive, 
Now I would have to die. 

So why do people do it, Mum 

Knowing that it ruins lives? 

And now t he pain is cutting me, 

Like a hundred stabbing knives. 

Someone should have taught him, 

That it's wrong to drink and drive. 

Maybe if his parents had, 

I'd still be alive. 

My breath is getting shorter, Mum 

I'm getting really scared. 

These are my final moments, 

And I'm so unprepared. 

I wish that you could hold me Mum, 

As I lie here and die. 

I wish that I could say, 'I love you, Mum!' 

So I love you and good-bye. 

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) IS HOPING TO GET 5,000 SIGNATURES ON THIS, 


Coretkan sesuatu untuk membuatkan 'post' itu lebih bermakna. TQ so much.
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nebular said...

Good story n shud learn from it.

iddinm said...

Ya suppose to be like that

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