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Friday, March 19, 2010

Selling vegetables can make a lot of money....

Do you know that selling vegetable can make a lot of money??
This story is base on real observation in my hometown 'Kundasang'
Because of the suitable weather and good soil content of nutrient, the vegetables can grow better and will producing more fruits.
With additional of some type of fertilizers like Urea and NPK compound we can get better fruits quality and amount and of course more to sale to get more income. 1 acre with fully planted by tomatoes tree easily can produce at least 5 MT of crop i.e RM10,000 of money..
 You also can become a reseller of the product which easily can produce another RM0.50-Rm1.00 per Kg. With selling in large amount that is a big income. isn't it..There are a lot of vegetables type that you can sell. There are story that some vegetables planters consistently bank in their money in large amount monthly. There are one famous story that one old man has came  to  the bank to bank in Rm25,000 in one time. 
That is real good business.

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